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The Mamilla Mall’s

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Mamilla Mall Jerusalem

, the Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem is an upscale shopping street. It is the only open-air mall in Jerusalem, Israel.  The mall is located in the northeast of Jaffa Gate, and it consists of a 2,000-foot (610 m) pedestrian promenade called Alrov Mamilla Avenue lined with 140 stores, cafes, and restaurants with some office space on the upper floors. The Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem is built on top of a multi-story parking garage for 1,600 cars and buses with a bus terminal. The Mamilla Mall Jerusalem was designed by Moshe Safdie and was the development was made by Alrov Properties and Lodgings Ltd. located in Tel Aviv. The mall incorporates fasciae of 19th-century buildings from original Mamilla Street. It also encompasses original building of the Stern House, the Convent of St. Vincent de Paul, and the Clark House.

The Mamilla Mall Jerusalem happens to be one of the most luxurious shopping malls in the country. It is widely known because of its high-end shops, and stunning design incredibly viewed restaurants and pampering hotels. In short, Mamilla Mall Jerusalem is a luxury shopping avenue. Do you love shopping? And you like jewelry? Then the best place to go is the Mamilla Mall Jerusalem as there is no better place in the country to buy beautiful jewelry, Judaica, and Jewish art. The Mamilla Mall Jerusalem is a home to different shops and galleries of world-class artist and designer, Avi Luvaton. The mall maintains a uniquely Jerusalem atmosphere that you must have a taste of when you visit Jerusalem as it wouldn’t be out of place in upscale districts of London or Paris.

The Mamilla Mall’s beautiful outdoor is just outside the Jaffa gate. The highest end shops in the city of Jerusalem are in the Mamilla Mall including the only GAP in Jerusalem. There exist several coffee shops in Mamilla Mall Jerusalem including Roladin, Mamilla Café, and Café café and street theatre throughout the summer. From the restaurants, you will have a beautiful view of the Old City of Jerusalem.

One of the fun tips in Mamilla Mall Jerusalem is the great balloon man who makes custom balloons for children. A lot of foods and activities are available at the mall during holidays.

Since the Mamilla Mall was built in 1800 as a neighborhood, it is now used to connect the Old city of Jerusalem to the New City. Going from the British Mandate Era, many shops that sell textiles, arts and furniture have relocated here, and many wealthy Arabs have bought homes here also. Today, the mall still preserves its original buildings, structures, and ambiance. If you want to shop and learn something about history, then this is a place to visit as it combines retail therapy with a lesson in historic architecture.

Don’t know how to get to the Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem? You can take a bus at Mamilla / Thesaurus, Light Rail at City Hall, Taxi, rent a Bike or walk on foot – it all depends on your starting point.

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