Jerusalem Apartments Rentals 
Jerusalem Vacation Rentals
 Trips can be demanding.Jerusalem 
Vacations require painstaking organization, scheduling, and preparation. Business trips in Jerusalem often necessitate multiple lodging  Jerusalem reservations, customized itineraries, and  Jerusalem event planning.  Jerusalem  Travel plans need to include intricacies such as airport-pick up, childcare, car rental, tourist sites, dining arrangements, private security, and so much more.
VIP Jerusalem Luxury vacation rentals   recognizes the anxiety and hassle commonly associated with  Israel travel and trip planning, and we believe that your visit to Jerusalem should be relaxing, unhurried, and frustration-free, so our dedicated team works vigorously to deliver an endless collection of the finest, stress-relieving Jerusalem luxury  services to visitors. Let VIP Jerusalem Vacation rentals  deal with organizing, scheduling, and preparing your travel arrangements and reservations, so that you can experience sumptuous relaxation in the heart of Jerusalem.

Arrival Services

Jerusalem Auto Rental and Jerusalem Apartment Rentals

We are excited to offer our visitors leasing opportunities for an assortment of safe and spacious Luxury class cars, sports utility vehicles, and limos. Our team can recommend the perfect luxury automobile for your trip or Jerusalem  vacation in Jerusalem Apartment Rentals

Airport Pickup Services

VIP Jerusalem tours with best Jerusalem Vacation Rentals  is regrettably familiar with grueling flights that exist to be never-ending, which subsequently become backbreaking and unsuccessful cab hunts, so we want to ensure you are spared from arrival nuisances. Our team in VIP Jerusalem tours can arrange a variety of reliable transportation options suited for all of your travel needs.

 Jerusalem Prearranged Groceries, Produce, and Merchandise Services

in Jerusalem Apartment Rentals We believe the keystone for the hassle-free and extraordinary Jerusalem  trip is home-away-from-home preparedness and comfort. Let us make your trip hassle-free and extraordinary with prearranged groceries, produce, merchandise, and other goods.

Jerusalem Concierge Services

 Jerusalem Tourist Services

Jerusalem serves as the core of countless accredited historical events and the home to various historical sites, preserves, and exhibitions. Our expert travel consultants can guide your journey with recommendations, reservations, and customized itinerary development.

Childcare Services

VIP Jerusalem Vacation rentals  offers every conceivable time-saving and hassle-eliminating service to our visitors, including top-ranking, 24-hour accessible childcare. Whether your family requires a long-term babysitter during an extended stay, or a spontaneous and short-term en suite sitter, VIP Jerusalem personal vacation planner can provide the perfect caretaker at any time of the day or evening.

Jerusalem Dining and Catering

VIP Jerusalem Luxury vacation rentals  combines culinary genius with immaculate resources to provide the highest standard of dining for visitors. We provide access to the most exclusive and innovative restaurants in Jerusalem , lounges, and venues. We advise visitors to partake in the lively flavors and garden-fresh ingredients of our five-star catered cuisines.

 Jerusalem Housekeeping Services

VIP Jerusalem Travel  can maintain your leisure by offering friendly, reliable, and trustworthy housekeeping services. Our well -respected housekeeping services provide daily upkeep and other recurring Jerusalem  cleaning packages based on the duration of your visit.Jerusalem Apartment Rentals

Laundry and Dry-cleaning Services

We want visitors to bask in the magnificence of the many sites around Jerusalem. VIP Jerusalem offers laundry and dry-cleaning services to save visitors time and energy, we believe is better spent exploring the captivating sites of Jerusalem.

VIP Services

Luxury Automobile Rental

Our dedicated team assists visitors in selecting and leasing a variety of luxury cars, sports utility vehicles, and limos. VIP Jerusalem tours  can also provide visitors with 24-hour accessible expert drivers and chauffeurs.

Helicopter Tours

Treat yourself and your guests to a deluxe view of Jerusalem with our private helicopter tours. Prearrange your deluxe helicopter tour or be spontaneous.

Private Yacht Rental

VIP Jerusalem tours  makes renting a private yacht simple. We offer visitors a selection of spectacular charter yachts, secure your yacht reservations, and handle your yacht arrangements. We will happily provide crewmen upon visitor request.

Private Jets

VIP Jerusalem tours  is able to provide private jets to and from Israel. Few words exist to exactly describe the level of comfort and the standard of professionalism obtained by our private jet services.

Spa Treatment

VIP Jerusalem Travel  deliver extravagance and relaxation right to your front door. Our premier massage therapy and cosmetology services are conveniently performed in the privacy of your vacation home.Jerusalem Apartment Rentals

Personal Shopping

Shopping is time-consuming. VIP Jerusalem Luxury travel  make personal shoppers accessible so our visitors can spend more time exploring the endless beauty of Jerusalem. Our personal shoppers purchase and deliver groceries, produce, home goods, clothing, merchandise, furniture, and presents.

Personal Chef

in Jerusalem Apartment Rentals  Some people enjoy fast foods during their  Luxury Jerusalem vacation whereas others prefer home cooked meals. Let our superb chefs prepare you delicious meals at your request and at your convenience.


There are many reasons why people feel they need extra protection. A bodyguard can turn your trip into a safe one. VIP Jerusalem tours  bodyguards are an experienced crew who can protect a single person as well as a whole group depending on your needs.