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Jerusalem Mamilla Kosher Food

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Kosher Food Mamilla Restaurants In Jerusalem


If anyone has ever wondered about some of the most beautiful restaurants with state of the art apartments to visit in Jerusalem for relaxing night outs or going for dinner dates, then Kosher Food Mamilla is the place for him/her. It is situated strategically in the middle of the city center, the ancient centers, and the fancy hotel districts, to generously offer a breathtaking point of resting or relaxing when one comes to visit or rest in Jerusalem.


Originally, the area had very few occupants for a very long time except for the parking lot, which had been put up several years ago. Having touted the Mamilla for quite some time, both the American merchants, and locals saw it fit as one of the best places to put up fancy shops, a contemporary mall and several eateries most of which are Kosher.


The never-ceasing beauty of the old city walls and Yemin Moshe which have interested the eyes of locals and visitors for decades were professionally designed and built by ancient contractors who made sure it was redesigned not only to entertain locals but also to satisfy desires of tourists who came to Jerusalem for adventures.


Mamilla is not only renowned for the fancy shops it flaunts but also for its restaurants which have entertained tourists with nice delicacies over a quite reasonable amount of time. Some of these are the Cafe Rimon Spaghettis and Roladina which serves both as a bakery and restaurant. It’s reported that the ardent customers have fallen more and more in love with Roladina because of the sweet coffee, delicious bread, and pasta which are never missing in its menu.


Eating places should never be a reason for doubts or fear for any tourists coming to Jerusalem because the ones already there will leave any person desiring to come back, and make Jerusalem their permanent homes. Among the most notable ones are the: Mamilla Hotel with both a rooftop and a Mamilla cafe though it’s not very evident whether it is a Kosher or not. This can only be attached to the fact that, different websites give different reasons for the way they view it.


Inside the mall, Mamilla is also the Cafe Aroma. It exists as a cafe chain covering a great area of Israel though not all its branches are Kosher. Next on is the Cafe Cafe which is also another significant chain for dairy restaurants in Israel.


Finally, it’s also important to note that, not all the cafes under this chain are Kosher. Any keen visitor in Mamilla, Jerusalem would also not fail to notice that cafe with the Italian menu: The Chocolat, Kedma also acclaimed as the gourmet brasserie, and Mimoola20170927_130954

Old City Hotels In Jerusalem

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Are you planning to visit the old city of Jerusalem? Do you want your stay in Jerusalem to be full of fun? Are you concerned about which hotel to lodge in to ensure a 100% comfort while in the old city of Jerusalem? If your answer to any of these questions is yes then read on.


Approximately one square kilometer area within the holy city of Jerusalem, the old city is a walled area that was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage site in 1981. It formerly represented the entire city before the establishment of Jewish neighborhood. It is of religious and historical importance as it houses the Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock, al-Aqsa Mosque, the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. If you want to have a memorable stay in Jerusalem, the old city is a place to be.


If you are visiting Jerusalem (alone or with your family), having comfortable place to lodge will make your stay a “home away from home”. Many hotels are available in the old city of Jerusalem to ensure your maximum comfort while in the holy city. Most of these hotels are located in excellent locations that give a better view of the different parts of the city. They offer security services that ensure the safety of lives and properties of the visitors. They have spacious rooms with the best of interior designs you can think of, aiming to give you a cozy feel, and bathrooms that are well furnished.


Facilities in most of these hotels include swimming pool, air conditioning, mini bar, satellite/cable TV, free Wi-Fi service, and laundry service. Some also have facilities for recreation that will keep you healthy and fit while in the old city. These hotels include: Hashimi Hotel, The Sephardic House Hotel, Rivoli Hotel, Golden Walls Hotel, Holy Land Hotel, Capitol Hotel, Al arab Hostel, Leticia Homestay, Palm Guest House, New Metropole Hotel, etc.


Hashimi Hotel: a building that is more than 400 years old, but with a modern and artistic interior. This hotel is located in the heart of old city of Jerusalem. It has many luxury facilities with single, double, triple, and quad bedroom arrangements


The Sephardic House Hotel: located in the heart of the Jewish quarter and a walking distance from many other historic sites. Have about 51 guest rooms with different levels of hospitality.


Capitol Hotel: for those visitors who are looking forward to exploring holy sites such as Damascus Gate, Herod’s Gate, the Capitol Hotel is the ideal place to lodge.


Golden Walls Hotel: located close to the Damascus Gate. It has a restaurant and garden.


Staying in the any of the best hotels in the old city of Jerusalem will give you the deserved relaxation to enjoy to the maximum the historical, religious, and tourist environment of the old city of Jerus

Jerusalem VIP cleaning service

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The Jerusalem VIP cleaning service

Are you just visiting Jerusalem for the first time? You can have such a hard trip to Jerusalem! Visiting a new place for a vacation requires painstaking preparation, organization, and scheduling. Going for a business trip often necessitates multiple lodging reservations, event planning, and customized itineraries. You will need to include intricacies such as car rental services, dining arrangements, tourist sites, childcare, airport pick up, private security, Jerusalem VIP cleaning service, among others.

The Jerusalem VIP cleaning service recognizes the amount of stress and anxiety commonly associated with travel and journey planning – this makes us want to make your visit to Jerusalem a relaxing, free from frustration, and unhurried by our Jerusalem VIP cleaning service among other services. This makes us have a team of dedicated team workers to vigorously work to deliver an endless collection of the finest and stress-relieving services to our visitors and customers. We, at Jerusalem VIP cleaning service are available to deal with organizing, preparing and scheduling your cleaning services with your travel arrangements and reservations – this will make you experience sumptuous relaxation in the heart of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem VIP cleaning service

At our Jerusalem VIP cleaning service, we always want our visitors to bask in the magnificence of the many sites and places around Jerusalem. Jerusalem VIP cleaning service offers laundry and dry-cleaning services to save visitors time and energy and from stressing themselves out. We set this out to give room for our visitors to spend most of their times to explore the captivating sites of Jerusalem. Virtually everyone needs more of time, and at Jerusalem VIP cleaning service, we ensure you get it – if you have more time, you can enjoy great moments with your family and also for what is essential. You will always receive our outstanding cleaning service whether you requested for a weekly, fortnightly or once off cleaning service. With our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, you have nothing to worry about.

Our team of professional cleaners is always available to give you the best service ever. With our experience, we already know what it takes to deliver quality customer service – to ensure that you have clean commercial premises. You can also be assured that our experience will provide the best results. Also, we are always learning new ways to deliver outstanding cleaning results to our customers, every time at Jerusalem VIP cleaning service.

We also offer other services at Jerusalem VIP cleaning service, some of which include Auto Rental Services, Prearranged Groceries, Produce, and Merchandise Services, Airport Pickup Services, Tourist Services Childcare Services, Housekeeping Services, and Dining and Catering.

Luxury Apartments Jerusalem

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VIP Jerusalem – Luxury Vacation Rentals and Luxury Hotels in Jerusalem

The Mamilla Mall’s

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Mamilla Mall Jerusalem

, the Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem is an upscale shopping street. It is the only open-air mall in Jerusalem, Israel.  The mall is located in the northeast of Jaffa Gate, and it consists of a 2,000-foot (610 m) pedestrian promenade called Alrov Mamilla Avenue lined with 140 stores, cafes, and restaurants with some office space on the upper floors. The Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem is built on top of a multi-story parking garage for 1,600 cars and buses with a bus terminal. The Mamilla Mall Jerusalem was designed by Moshe Safdie and was the development was made by Alrov Properties and Lodgings Ltd. located in Tel Aviv. The mall incorporates fasciae of 19th-century buildings from original Mamilla Street. It also encompasses original building of the Stern House, the Convent of St. Vincent de Paul, and the Clark House.

The Mamilla Mall Jerusalem happens to be one of the most luxurious shopping malls in the country. It is widely known because of its high-end shops, and stunning design incredibly viewed restaurants and pampering hotels. In short, Mamilla Mall Jerusalem is a luxury shopping avenue. Do you love shopping? And you like jewelry? Then the best place to go is the Mamilla Mall Jerusalem as there is no better place in the country to buy beautiful jewelry, Judaica, and Jewish art. The Mamilla Mall Jerusalem is a home to different shops and galleries of world-class artist and designer, Avi Luvaton. The mall maintains a uniquely Jerusalem atmosphere that you must have a taste of when you visit Jerusalem as it wouldn’t be out of place in upscale districts of London or Paris.

The Mamilla Mall’s beautiful outdoor is just outside the Jaffa gate. The highest end shops in the city of Jerusalem are in the Mamilla Mall including the only GAP in Jerusalem. There exist several coffee shops in Mamilla Mall Jerusalem including Roladin, Mamilla Café, and Café café and street theatre throughout the summer. From the restaurants, you will have a beautiful view of the Old City of Jerusalem.

One of the fun tips in Mamilla Mall Jerusalem is the great balloon man who makes custom balloons for children. A lot of foods and activities are available at the mall during holidays.

Since the Mamilla Mall was built in 1800 as a neighborhood, it is now used to connect the Old city of Jerusalem to the New City. Going from the British Mandate Era, many shops that sell textiles, arts and furniture have relocated here, and many wealthy Arabs have bought homes here also. Today, the mall still preserves its original buildings, structures, and ambiance. If you want to shop and learn something about history, then this is a place to visit as it combines retail therapy with a lesson in historic architecture.

Don’t know how to get to the Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem? You can take a bus at Mamilla / Thesaurus, Light Rail at City Hall, Taxi, rent a Bike or walk on foot – it all depends on your starting point.

VIP Jerusalem Sample Bat/Bar Mitzva Plan

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VIP Jerusalem Bat/Bar Mitzva Plan

for 4-100 people

9:30 am starting in the old city jaffo gate with tour of old city and kotel
includes some spacial team singing with shoffrs and drbuka with some doves going to the sky,

– 11:00the big luxury bus will take all people to the shuk machne yehuds for tour and a lot of kinds of food testing from many type of stores and “basta”

-12:45 going to Israel museum and “yad vashem”

-2:30 lunch by the kibutz ramat rachel with great views and great food

-3:30 back to the hotel for resting

-6:30 going with the bus for the very spacial experience private meal in the dead see
-7:30 dinner with table and chairs on the beach set up nicely for your event with lighting and music for you to choose best gourmet Israeli style fresh barbecued meat,4-5 kinds of meat ,6 fresh salts,bread drinks,alcohol dessert and 3 waiters for your service and everything maid fresh on site with our spacial chef custom maid for your request,best experience ever!
all equipment will be shipped spacial for this event the same day for set up

-12:00 back to hotel

the day includes luxury bus with driver with all fees
English speaking top tour guide with all fees
security guy
all food’s and meals fees
all museum and shuk fees
all teams for morning noon and evening
evening dinner and full equipment transfer to dead sea
as well top photographer and video team for all day includes full album and quality long clip and short best moments clip

VIP Jerusalem LLC

israel VIP tours

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Best tour guide in Israel

Danny the Digger 2015Since 2007 Danny Herman operating a private tour company,  offering the highest quality, customized touring experience across Israel.

is specialty is private tours, with a comfortable SUV as method of transportation, to various destinations all over isarel

sample of some of the tours :

* The history and archaeology of the Bible.
* The involvement of the monotheistic religions in this land.
* The conflicts in modern times.
* The people, flavors, tastes and views of the land.

In short, Danny probably knows best how to present the Land of Israel with all its tastes, beauty, sanctity, and complexity.

Living in Israel can be a great experience

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Jerusalem real estates – your next luxury home
Living in Israel can be a great experience for everyone. you can visit and tour as well with the Isarel Tour Guide   then many people  choose to live in Israel . Jerusalem real estates can offer you your next luxury home. The many apartments and private homes in the city can offer you a high quality accommodation and a good value for your money. When you buy a real estate in Jerusalem you should pay extra attention to the location of the estate. You can buy an estate in old city or in one of the newer parts of the city.
Jerusalem rentals – a home away from home
If you want to stay in Jerusalem for a few weeks or for a longer period you can always rent a place there. Jerusalem rentals can include a great apartment with more than two bedrooms and two bath rooms. From some apartments in the city or its suburbs, you can enjoy an amazing view. When you rent a place in Jerusalem, you should choose a place that is suitable for your special needs. Jerusalem real estate property is very diverse and it can offer you almost any kind of building or accommodation. Local real estate agencies can help you choose the perfect place for you.
Jerusalem real estates – a great money investment
Jerusalem real estate can be a good way to invest money. The best way to invest money in Israel is not by means of banks or on the stock market, but rather an investment in real estate. The price of Israeli real estate in general and of Jerusalem real estate in particular has become more valuable in the last few years and is expected to become even more valuable in the future. Now is the best time to buy a house or an apartment in Jerusalem because the prices are expected to go up. At the end of the day, buying or renting a place in Jerusalem can be your way to enjoy all the goods Israel has to offer.

Century 21 Jerusalem

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Century 21 Jerusalem real estate was founded in 1998, and has quickly become the leading high end residential real estate office for central Jerusalem. Conveniently located in Jerusalem’s prestigious Rehavia neighborhood, century 21 Jerusalem specializes in properties located in the most exclusive central Jerusalem neighborhoods.

Century 21 Jerusalem aims to maintain its position as the leading high end residential real estate office for central Jerusalem, by offering a full service, turnkey solution for local and international customers.

Real Estate in Jerusalem

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T&T Investments is a leading  Jerusalem real estate  company that provides a wide variety of services for both the private and business sector. It prided itself as being professional, reliable and honest, and offers step-by-step guidance throughout the process of buying or selling each client’s property, investment, or home.
T&T Investments has established relationships with the entire range of real-estate professionals to cater to your needs. The staff caters to an ever increasing number of non-Israeli residents looking to relocate or to invest in Israel. The company is a group of talented people with a passion and drive for finding their clients their dream homes or that unique investment opportunity. T&T Investments, always building through relationships!